Globtec Investment to invest $300M in Turkish tourism, mining firms

Published 30.01.2019 01:04

The Globtec Investment Group, a leading global investor of innovative infrastructure and finance projects, announced a primary investment program for Turkish companies to help them with easy access to development capital.

The consortium, founded under the leadership of Globtec, has launched a large-scale venture program to invest in Turkish companies that focus on the machinery, mining and tourism sectors. The venture is aimed at providing capital inflow for Turkish companies by expanding their access to international markets and bringing in global commercial connections to them.

Globtec Chairman and CEO Murat Karabay stated that they have a program that is progressing in parallel with the investment plan of $170 million for the Visegrád Four (V4) countries - the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia - regarding investment strategies.

Karabay said that Globtec aims to help strengthen Turkish exports significantly by making it easier for companies to access sufficient liquidity so that they can compete in international markets.

"We also hope to create a healthier growth opportunity for Turkish companies within the framework of this initiative," he said.

Globtec CEO said that they consider the Turkish market to be full of opportunities. "The effective financial products developed by Globtec for the Turkish market both reduce the credit risk and provide credit users with maximum access to capital. Innovative financial products are aimed at placing transparency, trust and robust risk management practices in the market. In this sense, the CDS agreements, in particular, will create a strong model for Turkey," he said.

He said that the amount of CDS contracts are valued over $110 trillion globally. He added that Globtec has started meetings with potential program beneficiaries. As of February 2019, negotiations will begin with the companies deemed appropriate.

Karabay said this program was a result of Globtec Investment Group's unshakable confidence in the region, and Turkey in particular. He added that Turkey will come to the point it deserves in global business dynamics as the most powerful country in the region within a short time and that they will continue their investments and projects here.

Globtec Investment Group was founded in 2005 with a view to offering investment opportunities in the emerging markets and Turkey to international investors. Following its rapid growth and development as a U.S.-based company, the company is focused on identifying investment opportunities in high-performance industries and innovative companies, including technology, real estate and green energy.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Globtec has offices in Frankfurt and Bucharest, as well as representative offices, business partners and investors in many parts of the world.

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