New films to show touristic, historical riches abroad

Published 30.09.2019 00:11

New promotional films prepared by the Culture and Tourism Ministry to introduce Turkey's historical, cultural, and natural treasures will be screened on television channels and various outlets abroad in the coming period.

The films that will form the basis of the country's promotional campaign were shown at an event on Friday, during which Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy outlined Turkey's tourism strategy for 2023.

The new tourism strategy targets over 75 million tourists and $65 billion in tourism revenue by 2023, the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Turkish Republic. The figures were revised from 50 million tourists and $50 billion in tourism income.

Outlining the details of the new strategy, Minister Ersoy said Turkey is adopting a new income and market-oriented strategy for sustainable growth in the tourism sector.

He said the average expenditure per capita is targeted to hit $867 in 2023. The average expenditure per capita was $647 in 2018, as foreigners spent $617 per capita and Turkish citizens spent $801 per capita, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat).

Ersoy noted that the country is aiming for an average per night revenue of $86 by 2023, the nation's centennial celebration.

The minister particularly pointed to the importance of the Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency, which was established recently to promote and further develop tourism in the country.

He noted that the ministry's promotion budget, which was $18 million in 2018, was increased to $72 million as a result of policy change. As part of the new strategy, the minister said, the promotion budget with the Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency is planned to be raised to $180 million over the next year and to $220 million by 2023.

The 90-second "2020 Turkey Promotional Film" and eight short films, which were shot in accordance with the objectives of the new strategy, attracted great interest from the tourism sector.

"2020 Turkey Promotional Film" is a product of a two-months of hard work by a team of 98 people in five different cities and shot at 10 different locations, according to the information Anadolu Agency (AA) received from the ministry officials.

The film was shot at various locations such as Turuncpınarı, Cennet Bay, Babadağ, Patara, Kekova, Cappadocia (Balloon), Karanlık Kilise (Dark Church) in Göreme Open Air Museum, Kaş Road, Hierapolis and Istanbul, while drones were used for shooting at Butterfly Valley, Yassıca Island, Suluada, Göcek Bays, Kaş-Fethiye Road, and Öludeniz.

The film, which has three individual versions for Western, Asian and Far Eastern markets, emphasizes Turkey's cultural richness and depth.

Narrating the experience-based travel with an innovative and different approach, the film features Turkey's nature, history, cultural treasures, faith destinations, gastronomy, shopping, fashion and the art world, and entertainment life.

8 SHORT FILMS ON WORLD TELEVISIONIn addition to the 90-second promotional film, eight short films were shot, mostly to be aired on digital media. These 10-15 seconds short films will be broadcast as "serial commercial films" on channels around the world as well as social media outlets.

The promotional films highlight Turkey as an ideal destination for a unique travel and exploration experience and a sought-after destination for family trips.

The films will constitute the basis of the ministry's integrated marketing campaign in 2020.


"Paragliding," "Turkish Bath," "Cappadocia," "Boat-Jump," "Antique Pool – Family," "Seagull," "Dance in the Water," and "Cat" themed films present colorful images from Turkey.

The "Boat-Jump" film features a family of four jumping from a boat to the water accompanied by nature.

The dazzling silhouette of fairy chimneys is shared in "Cappadocia." In the film, the excitement and happiness of a tourist flying with balloons is presented to the audience with the English subtitle "aspiration."


In the short film "Seagull," a tourist on a ferry in Istanbul feeds the seagulls. In addition to the Turkish flag, the film also features footage from Topkapı Palace, the New Mosque, Galata Tower, the Hagia Sophia, and Süleymaniye Mosque.

One of the films where cultural and historical elements are blended and conveyed, "Cat" centers around a Far Eastern tourist petting a cat while sipping her Turkish coffee.

The impressions of two tourists exploring the Aegean coasts from the sky are shown in "Paragliding," while a family's swimming experience intertwined with history is conveyed in "Ancient Pool."

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