Drivers issued New Year’s Eve warning!

Published 29.12.2010 17:51
Updated 29.12.2010 18:01

Turkish Motoring Federation President Fevzi Apaydın has issued a warning against driving under the influence on New Year’s Eve and has requested citizens take advantage if the 24-hour taxi stations.

In a written statement, Apaydın warns that alcohol consumption is increased on New Year's Eve and therefore citizens that go out to celebrate need to be extra careful.

Apaydın requests that people choose to use public transportation and emphasizes that there will be police control points and if a driver is found to be intoxicated they will not only have their licenses revoked, but first-time offenders will be fined 590 TL, second-time offenders 739 TL and third- time offenders, 1,185 TL.

Apaydın also shares that in 2009 alone, 109,192 people lost their licenses for driving intoxicated.
Last New Year's Eve in Istanbul 1,178 drivers were found to be under the influence, while in Ankara that number was at 403.

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