A visa surprise from Denmark

Published 07.05.2011 16:39
Updated 07.05.2011 16:55

Denmark, a European nation with one of the most solid regulations against foreigners, has become the first Schengen nation to lift visa regulations. Visas will no longer be required for those going to Denmark to work or to set up a business.

The first good news regarding the lifting of visa regulations for Schengen nations has come from Denmark. Visa requirements will be lifted for those traveling to Denmark to work or to set up a business. The decision comes as a result of a ruling made on December 9th, by the Court of Justice on a case opened by two Turks residing in Holland entitled the Toprak case. Although the implementation of lifting visa regulations for work purposes will not go into effect until the upcoming period, an explanation regarding the regulations for tourist visas, which is still unclear is expected to be given next week.

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