Mark your holiday with adventure sports in Turkey

SENA ALKAN @senaalkan
Published 11.07.2014 23:18
Mark your holiday with adventure sports in Turkey

Rafting in the Çoruh River, paragliding in Ölüdeniz, a hot air balloon ride over the fairy chimneys of Capadocia and diving in the tranquil waters of Kaş are a few of the pleasures the more adventurous might like to tackle

Marked as one of the most tempting touristic destinations in the Mediterranean region, Turkey always attracts tourists with its turquoise waters, eco beaches, ancient ruins and boutique B&Bs across its coasts. Yet, the country offers more for those who want explore off-the-beaten-track. With its natural, historical, sea and geographical wonders, you will definitely want to discover all the beauties that this country has to offer. If your definition of a "holiday" is living in a pocket of nature and experiencing a rush of adrenaline, you have the chance to taste adventure in Turkey.

While many come to Turkey to relax at its beaches as they bask in the sun or soak in the culture and history of the country, Turkey also has some of the most action-packed sports for those who want to feel the blood rushing in their veins. Including paragliding, rafting, diving, and hot air balloon rides among many others, Turkey's extreme sports are one of the numerous attractions that entice tourists the most. Here are the best spots for adventure sports that are sure to get you out of the routine and monotony that has held you captive year-round:


Turkey welcomes those who want to taste an unforgettable rafting experience on its white rivers. As common spots for exciting rafting activities, Dalaman and Çoruh River calls visitors. Dalaman in Turkey's western city of Muğla is considered as one of the most wellknown rafting destinations in the country. While visitors enjoy three and four difficult grade rapids, they also have a chance to see the traditional villages, ancient ruins and natural wonders around the river.

The river offers you two different courses to follow along its 229-kilometer length. Amid eight different waterfalls and huge rocks surrounding the river, you will experience intensity and adrenaline at the same time. A rafting route on Dalaman River takes nearly three hours, which means that you should fill up on energy before your tour as you are going to need it.

For the newbies in rafting, three hours may sound long, but I assure you that the time will fly while you are gliding on the river. As another alternative for rafting, Çoruh River is located in the northeast of Turkey. What makes Çoruh River so popular is that it is recognized as the one of the top 10 white waters in the world with its nearly five difficult grade rapids fed by the snow that melt from Black Sea mountains in the spring season. Flowing through canyons, narrow valleys and ancient ruins, Çoruh River is ready to fill you with the adrenaline that you may have been needing for years.


Turkey is the perfect spot for paragliders both experienced and beginners with its weather conditions, mountainous terrain and turquoise coasts. Imagine that you are a bird and gliding over turquoise waters with a feel of endless freedom. This is exactly what you can experience in Turkey during your holiday stay. Ölüdeniz in Fethiye is one of the most touristic spots in Europe for solo and tandem paragliders. To paraglide, you will firstly climb to the top of Babadağ Mountain towering the Ölüdeniz with a safari jeep.

After driving for about an hour, your eyes will be conquered by views of the extraordinarily beautiful Turkish mountainside and the stunning flora and fauna it offers. When you let yourself go from the mountain to the turquoise waters, you will feel the breeze on your face while taking in the picturesque view of Ölüdeniz, bird's eye view. Considering the magic of Ölüdeniz and the freedom that gliding will bring to you, it can be said that paragliding at this magical location will mark the most unforgettable moments of your holiday.

Hot air balloon ride

Central Anatolia's historical region Cappadocia is another amazing destination offering breathtaking experiences with its ancient natural treasures and hot air balloon rides. This magical city, with its historical remains, which stand as the most renowned wonders of nature from the ancient times, invite you to lift your soul and vision with hot air ballooning. Through wind and melting snow, the region has been carved out of volcanic rockx over centuries and is a display of amazing colors and shapes unique to Cappadocia, such as the fairy chimneys (also known as hoodoos).

When you take off in the hot air balloon in Cappadocia, you will see how nature shapes the Anatolian lands. For those who want to experience a balloon ride, save it for Cappadocia.


Accepted as one of the most untouched touristic spots in Turkey, Kaş in the southern coast is one of the most suitable places for diving in the country and is included in the world's Top 100 diving destinations. Kaş boasts over 25 diving sites, where you are bound to discover dozens of amazing underwater remains.

There are shipwrecks, caves, landscapes, ancient amphoras, underwater canyons, drop-offs in the turquoise waters of Kaş. When you dive into Mediterranean Sea waters, you will witness how history lies at the arms of the sea. One other destination to experience the history that underlies the water is Turkey's Gallipoli Peninsula in the Aegean Sea. As you scuba dive in the Gallipoli Peninsula which will take you back to the times of World War I, you can dive into the deep of the Dardanelles Strait to see the remains of the war. Scuba diving in the Dardanelles serves as a good option to understand the Gallipoli War. There are nearly 216 shipwrecks around the peninsula and Turkey's western city of Çanakkale.

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