Turkish thermal resorts ready to pamper guests this winter

Published 28.11.2015 00:00
Updated 28.11.2015 00:49
Turkish thermal resorts ready to pamper guests this winter

Since the arrival of winter in the northern hemisphere, holidays filled with sun and sand have been replaced by winter holiday destinations, ranging from kayaking to thermal springs. With its healing thermal springs and five-star heated hotels, Turkey is the perfect destination to spend your time relaxing.

For tourists seeking the health benefits of Turkey's natural wonders, spending a holiday in natural thermal springs - known as kaplıca in Turkish - is gaining popularity among locals and foreigners, especially tourists from Arab countries. Many believe that these thermal springs have healing qualities, which is why the elderly are particularly attracted to them, but they also provide a fun vacation to people of all ages.

The ancient Romans were the first to discover the therapeutic effects of these springs in Turkey. With more than 1,000 thermal springs reflecting the country's geological and historical beauty, Turkey provides a rich experience for those seeking some centuries-old relaxation and the health benefits that these ancient thermal springs have to offer, scattered across western Anatolia.

If you are looking for the ultimate escape from the stress of daily life, thermal destinations should be on your list.

The cities most famous for their springs are Bursa, İzmir and Yalova. If you are fond of hot springs and vacationing in thermal resorts, you must know why these provinces attract so many visitors. The springs in those cities are believed to cure many illnesses, and the facilities in thermal resorts are high quality. With thousands of tourist visiting yearly, the city of Bursa in northwestern Turkey is like a thermal haven that is visited mostly by Arab tourists. Located in the Çekirge district of Bursa, the hot springs and thermal baths are rich in terms of different natural cures, including sulfur and iron, and are rich in magnesium. These springs are also known as "silver waters" due to their crystal clear view. A renowned hotel nearby is the Tiara Thermal Hotel, located in the heart of Bursa. It offers a comfortable and spacious place to stay with its stylish and modern rooms. You can also experience the pristine, traditional Turkish bath and spa at this luxury hotel, not to mention the thermal facilities that aim to give you ultimate relaxation.

Known as one of the most tourist-friendly cities, Çeşme in the western city of İzmir is also renowned for its thermal springs, located in the Ilıca and Sifne districts. The town is easily reachable and offers thermal springs, vivid blue Aegean waters and a mild climate. You can visit its thermal resorts during the summer or winter due to the unchanging climate. Then, after swimming in the picturesque Aegean Sea, you can visit the hotel's thermal pool and take a relaxing dip in its waters. According to research conducted by the Çeşme Hotels' Union, the thermal springs in Çeşme have healing effects for rheumatism, joint diseases, tissue rheumatism, psoriasis, acne, eczema, varicose veins, genital infections and high or low blood pressure. The best destination to enjoy thermal waters in Çeşme is at the Boyalık Beach & Thermal Spa. It is a perfect destination to spend your winter holiday. If you visit during this season, you can enjoy the tranquility and mild weather of İzmir.

Yalova is the closest destination to Turkey's commerce capital of Istanbul, which is why it is generally preferred for weekend getaways. A one-hour ferry ride across the Sea of Marmara and a short taxi ride will take you to Yalova. Of all the thermal resorts in the city, the most well-known is the Armutlu Thermal Hotel. This city's thermal springs are rich in minerals such as calcium, sulphates and flouride, and it won the "Best Hot Spring with Beneficial Waters" award at a competition held in Rome. It offers facilities that include drinking mineral water from the springs, an open-air hot thermal swimming pool and Turkish saunas. Like other thermal facilities, Yalova's hot springs are also good for rheumatic diseases and arthritis. It is said that by drinking the water one can prevent tooth decay and stomach and intestinal diseases. The healing elements of the springs have also been analyzed and endorsed by Istanbul University. The Thermalium Wellness Park Hotel & Spa is located in the Üvez Pınar district in Yalova with one main hotel building and three separate villas. The main hotel building consists of 80 luxurious rooms, and there are four private thermal pools and two outdoor pools -- one with cold water and two with hot spring water.

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