Turkey's deepest canyon in Artvin to become tourist destination

ARTVIN, Turkey
Published 18.04.2016 20:37
Updated 18.04.2016 20:38

Said to be the world's second deepest canyon after the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Cehennem Deresi Canyon (literally "Hell Stream" in Turkish) is being developed as a tourist attraction after an initiative kick started by the local authorities in the northeastern province of Artvin.

Located in the city's Ardanuç district, the canyon has long been thought of as a potential alternative tourist destination. To draw more visitors to the canyon, the area will be made more accessible. "Wooden stairs have been placed from the entrance of the canyon to the end. However, it is not extensive enough at this point," said Governor Kemal Cirit, who paid a visit to the canyon with a group of local officials. A lighting project will also be undertaken to illuminate the area for tourists visiting there in the evening. "We are also thinking of installing additional sections for families where they can enjoy a few relaxing hours," Cirit said, adding that Artvin is also an area of exceptional natural beauty.

"The tourism potential of the canyon is high, but it has not yet hosted a significant number of visitors. This is because we need to prioritize the aspects that could better promote the area," Cirit went on to say. Also visiting the Castle of Gevhernik and Mithat Pasha Palace, the city's two main historic venues, Cirit said that Artvin's natural beauty, including nature parks, lakes and biodiversity, are important for its tourism potential. With steep valleys carved out by the Çoruh River, high mountains and greenery, Artvin is popular for trekking activities, while the Çoruh River is excellent for rafting.

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