Breathtaking sunset in Cappadocia attracts over 1M tourists

Published 06.04.2017 00:00
Updated 06.04.2017 00:05
Breathtaking sunset in Cappadocia attracts over 1M tourists

Famous for its fairy chimneys, Cappadocia, an important tourist hub in Turkey, welcomed more than 1 million local and international tourists last year, who came to watch the sunset in Kızılçukur Valley.

The Kızılçukur Valley, which is located in Cappadocia, has been named as one of the top destinations for viewing the best sunsets in the world. The view from the valley amazes tourists as the sky turns to red, orange and green and the last beams of the sun reflect on the fairy chimneys across the landscape.

The Kızılçukur Valley is about 3 kilometers from Ürgüp. The valley also features a wonderful trekking route that offers adventure seekers a delightful experience with the best view in the region. Moreover, trekkers can also visit historic churches along this route. At the end of the route, tourists wait for the sun to go down, witnessing one of the best sunsets in the world as they rest. Do not forget to add the Kızılçukur Valley to your bucket list and watch the sunset if you ever visit Cappadocia.

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