New address for Turkey's highland tourism: Tonya

Published 18.06.2017 22:22
Updated 18.06.2017 22:26
New address for Turkey's highland tourism: Tonya

Attracting both local and foreign tourists with its highlands, in addition to its other natural beauties, the Tonya district of Turkey's Trabzon is now the golden boy of highland tourism in Turkey.

Drawing a great deal of attention with its forests that reflect every shade of green, Tonya offers a splendid view to visitors with scilla flowers, also called "blue nerium," blossoming in April.

Promoted along with the Kadıralak, Erikli, Sazalan, Sis Dağı and Kadırga highlands, Tonya has started to host the first tourists of the season.

Also preferred by tourists from the Gulf countries in addition to domestic tourists in recent years, Tonya is a popular place for those who want to observe and take photos of scilla flowers.

As the number one place for the photographers in the summer months, the district offers all its unique natural beauties to visitors.

Being popular for its local butter called "Tonya Butter" all around the world, the district attracts attention thanks to its preserved culture and in addition to local tastes.

'Tonya has a great advantage'

Chairman of the Trabzon Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Suat Hacısalihoğlu, talked to the Anadolu Agency (AA) and stated that Tonya is one of the most preferred places by nature lovers in recent years.

Implying that Tonya has huge potential in mountain and highland tourism, Hacısalioğlu said, "The number of local and foreign tourists visiting the area is increasing day by day."

Stating that they want to promote the tourist potential of the area, Hacısalioğlu added: "The number of visitors wanting to experience Tonya's natural beauties is booming. Hence we are planning to increase the accommodation capacity of the area and be ranked at the forefront in mountain and highland tourism. Through this, we want to promote planned tourism for the area rather than an uncoordinated expansion. On the condition that we succeed a planned tourist growth, it will be possible for us to attract more tourists. From this point of view, Tonya has a big advantage."

'The masterplan prepared for Tonya Valley was completed'

Stressing that they pay attention to the tourism investments made for Tonya, Hacısalihoğlu said: "The masterplan prepared for Tonya Valley was completed. The grants by Rural Development Agency will be announced in the following days. We believe that Tonya will have new accommodation facilities and investments thanks to these grants."

Inviting entrepreneurs to make investments in Tonya, Hacısalioğlu added: "We need support from entrepreneurs for the projected areas. The more accommodation facilities we offer, the more tourists we will attract. For this reason, we highlight investments. We conduct the Tonya Valley Tourism Project with the support of the Governorship of Trabzon, Eastern Black Sea Development Agency, Tonya Municipality and Trabzon Chamber of Industry and Commerce. We believe that Tonya will gain much investment under the context of this project."

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