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Published 25.08.2017 22:55
Updated 25.08.2017 22:58
Fly-Inn Beach
Fly-Inn Beach

As the end of August approaches, the scorching weather and dense crowds are retreating and now is the best time for a long and relaxing summer holiday

With September just around the corner, a tranquil and relaxing season has arrived. Numerous summer resorts in both the Mediterranean and the Aegean regions are waiting to host local and international tourists. Undoubtedly, Alaçatı is among the most pleasant holiday villages among these places. Here are some suggestions that this nostalgic town has to offer, as a long-time summer favorite.

My first recommendation is a boutique hotel in the very heart of Alaçatı: Istlondon. The name is inspired by the cities of Istanbul and London and the hotel, operated by John and Melis Micklethwaite, bears traces of both English and Turkish cultures. Melis Micklethwaite is the daughter of a family from İzmir and she studied archaeology in the U.K. She married a British architect and settled in Turkey.

Istlondon was originally founded in the year 2013 by John Micklethwaite as a plate design brand. Later on, last year, they took land for the Istlondon Hotel and built a house similar to the old Alaçatı houses, without changing the texture of the region. They have set up a world where they experience full enjoyment and comfort. This boutique hotel, with six rooms designed by John Micklethwaite, offers double-refined tastes to its guests. It is chic, stylish and cool.

The rooms in the hotel are quite minimalist and pastel shades are dominant. I really liked the design of the cupboards in the bathroom and hallway. The view of the pool from the rooms on the top floor is spectacular. I especially loved the geometric shapes of the pool and the pink sunbeds around it. The black umbrellas that are paired with the pink are quite favorable. The bar area right behind the pool is very enjoyable. However, I mainly enjoyed sitting on the big sofas in the fireplace area, reading books and relaxing. The entire hotel exudes calmness and positive energy. If we are to talk about the meals, I recommend that you try lunch and dinner which are served a la carte or breakfast in the morning. I especially recommend the Turkish pastry called "pişi" which is served in the morning and is unique to the region. Visit Istlondon Hotel, which is very popular despite just opening this season, the first chance you get. But, of course, do not forget to make a reservation.

If you want to enjoy the sea while in Alaçatı, I recommend the Fly-Inn Beach Club by Çeşme. Operated by Hakan and Vedat Dalokay, this place is simply this summer's favorite. This year, many palm trees have been planted and new places have been added. The greatest feature at Fly-Inn is that it brings together a variety of different flavor alternatives while offering magnificent sea pleasure to its visitors. The most demanding among places in the region is undoubtedly the branch called "Dirty Hands," run by Hülya and Oytun Yazdıç in Istanbul's Akatlar. Both the design and dining options of the place are great. Sushi Moto, located right by the beach, is another promising option. They offer sushi varieties with eel which are utterly delicious. In the same spot, there is a bar area where happy hour parties are held. The antic airplane that gives the name to Fly-Inn is also seen here. Late afternoon parties are held with famous DJs from Turkey and around the world. Just behind this area is a restaurant called "Village" and the MOC Coffee Roastery, one of the best brands in the area for food and coffee. The Village has become an interesting concept as a restaurant, as well. It offers refined flavors in a quiet environment. Furthermore, the cabins which are situated in the grassy environment right behind this area provide guests with a natural environment.

The feature that makes Fly-Inn different compared to other options this summer is more notably its establishment of a cross-fit training area. This section, which offers outdoor sports facilities, looks great with its yellow-and-black design. The outdoor venue, where guests can enjoy doing sports, reminded me of the sporting spots in Los Angeles' Venice Beach in California. I really congratulate the owners on this initiative. Another point that drew my attention was that they offer swimwear dryers in the restroom areas. Also, unlike other beach clubs in Fly-Inn, there are great options for children. A large playground for children has been built there and the sea area is pleasant. The "swing over the sea" is a favorite for everyone. I congratulate Hakan and Vedat Dalokay for their successful cooperation of such a large beach club.

My recommendation for restaurants in Alaçatı is "Kapha." The name of the restaurant, which is situated right behind the Alavya Hotel, comes from the Latin word for an element of water and soil. The place reminds me of the restaurants in New York's Soho district and features modern, urban designs. The long bar area is impressive. Mert Ökten is the operating manager of the place, which operates within the B4 Group. On the other hand, Chef Sedat Aslan creates culinary miracles in the open kitchen area. The garlic and balsamic butter offered while waiting for your meal is great. ​I also recommend the cured duck breast and botargo as appetizers. Among the main courses, the spiny lobster and veal ribs are simply wonderful! A sweet closing can be made with the "trufon." In terms of the venue's ambiance, dim lighting and high ceilings make long evening meals even more enjoyable. If you are wondering where the celebrities eat when they come to Alaçatı, it is definitely Kapha. Happy summer to all of you.

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