Time to makeup: Turkey becomes hub for beauty tourism

Published 20.09.2017 23:49

Permanent makeup has become a rising trend for both women and men recently. While skillful Turkish cosmetic surgeons leave their marks on the world thanks to their aesthetical wonders and affordable prices, beauty centers have not failed to do the same and have attracted worldwide attention. As a result, many tourists from around the world including Canada, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan have rushed into beauty centers in Turkey.

Turkish cosmetologists recently demanded that permanent makeup should be evaluated under the context of health tourism. One of them, Serpil Babacan said, "Our agenda is generally full of tourists visiting Turkey in July and August. While they are paying a fortune for these beauty services abroad, here they can have a vacation and enjoy a premium class beauty service. In Turkey, from coiffeurs to beauty specialists, no one takes this profession as an art. However, such services are evaluated under the context of arts all around the world. Beauty costs a lot both in Canada and Germany. When you look at Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia, you cannot come across a qualified service equal to the ones in Turkey. If we evaluate beauty tourism under the context of health tourism, it is possible for Turkey to become number one in the world."

Permanent eyebrow makeup, or microblading, in Canada may cost up to CAD $5,000. When you look at the prices of laser epilation, six sessions cost a minimum of CAD $3,000. Americans visiting Europe for holiday often prefer Turkey for cosmetics and cosmetic surgery, as Turkey is a unique destination in terms of both price and quality.

Expat Turkish citizens visiting their families are also busy with their beauty while they are here. In Germany, the minimum price for permanent lip makeup, or lip tattooing, is 500 euros and the price for silk lashes, or lash extensions, is 280 euros. However, in Turkey, you can have a brand-new appearance for a fraction of the price, and to top it off, you are getting a premium class service.

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