Paris: City of fall

ARDA SAYINER @ardasayiner
Published 23.09.2017 00:00
Updated 23.09.2017 01:35
Le Royal Monceau Raffles Hotel.
Le Royal Monceau Raffles Hotel.

Paris, the city of love and romance, is among the popular fall spots especially for short weekend visits amid its elegant hotels, nostalgic perfumeries and cozy restaurants and cafes with historical ambiance

Paris is without a doubt the most romantic city for fall. As one of the European capitals of art and culture, the city promises visitors enjoyable moments in this season, as it always does. Paris is a quick, three-hour flight from Istanbul on Turkish Airlines, making it ideal especially for weekend visits. Here are my recommendations for a trip to Paris.

From real experience, I must recommend the hotel of "Parisian Elegance," which opened in 1928, Le Royal Monceau Raffles Hotel. Phillippe Starck redesigned this five-star hotel in a renovated historical building, which underwent comprehensive renovations for a much more eye-catching and luxurious look. From the professionalism of the team welcoming you at the door to the fresh flowers in the lounge and the art shop of the hotel, full of books and design products, no detail was left untouched. The hotel is a project that has made a dream of creating somewhere different real. When you walk in to the rooms of the hotel, there is a story being told in each room. The perfectly designed rooms are epic. The bathrooms covered in mirrors are architectural masterpieces. The mirrors and lighting in the rooms are stunning. The art on the walls of the rooms, the built-in TV systems amid giant mirrors, the heated toilet seats, art objects, well-designed wall lamps, high-quality fabric used for the bathrobes and towels are well beyond five stars.

Clarins cosmetic products and an acoustic guitar await you in the room in another beautiful detail featured here. You will feel the real attunement to detail as you walk around the entire hotel. Phillippe Starck even used custom-designed handles both on the wardrobes in the rooms and lockers in the spa. That is, the hotel is designed delicately and meticulously from A to Z. Speaking of the spa, this section of the hotel has French simplicity and nobility. I particularly loved the metal guardrails by the side of the indoor pool and the antique mirror design at the lounge area. It is simply relaxing.

The hotel has two restaurants, one of which is Michelin-Star II Carpaccio and the other is the restaurant named after celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa, the creator of Nobu. Matsuhisa is simply breathtaking with colorful high ceilings, giant lamps and its sushi bar. You can start off with passion fruit champagne at the bar before dinner. The eel and foie gras sushi are absolutely delicious. Also, you should definitely try the lobster salad with truffle. When you are finished with dinner, you can take a tour around Paris at night by three-person retro motorbike, a tour that offers special service to the hotel. Visit Le Royal Monceau Raffles Hotel the first chance you get. The hotel is managed by Aaron Kaupp, and has been visited by distinguished names from Walt Disney to Michael Jackson in the past and Celine Dion to Beyonce in the present. You will definitely have a great Paris feeling and a royal quality of accommodation experience in this Forbes-listed hotel.

Let's go out and discover the hot spots of Paris now. If you are interested in fashion, the first place you do not want to miss in Paris this fall is the Colette. Shaping European fashion for over 20 years, this legendary shop will be closed in December at the decision of its owner Colette Rousseaux. The shop, featuring the very first creations of distinguished fashion lines on display and designer products as well as garments sold on three levels inside, is very crowded as it is in its last months of operation. I think the large crowd is quite normal given that it is the only shop at which even Karl Lagerfeld has shopped. Even Forbes has chosen Colette as the trendiest shop in the world. There is nothing but heaven for fashion lovers here. Drop by before it is shut down.

Speaking of fashion, another event that you shouldn't miss if you go to Paris in this fall is the 70th anniversary exhibition of Christian Dior. The apparel of 1947 is, which is performed with video mapping, as high as 40 meters up to the ceiling, is simply fascinating. Nearly all the apparel on display, including the dress worn by Elizabeth Taylor when she won an Oscar in 1961, have a story to tell. Located next to the exhibition is a stylish shop at which Dior-designed accessories and exhibition-specific catalogue are sold. Prepare yourself to wait in a long line at the entrance of the exhibition.

Another spot I would like you to visit in Paris is one of the city's cosmetics shops. The shop, offered to the Parisians by Buly, which has been producing products since 1803, is rather nostalgic. Here, Jean-Vincent Buly sells perfume and scented vinegar in a shop located on Saint-Honoré Street, where traditions are kept alive. Buly is just like a journey through time, with the old stalls, scales, high shelves and employees in nostalgic dresses. The perfume bottles that you select to design your own perfume and the soaps made of genuine herbs are eye-catching. However, what appealed me most were the retro toothbrushes. Do not forget to visit Buly for a true Paris cosmetic experience. Even though the long-established companies of the world come together in fashion temples like Galleries Lafayette, I truly recommend that you stop along the bystreets of Paris to discover local lines. Shoemakers, tailors who make splendid custom shirts and art galleries are all located on these bystreets. All you need to do when you feel tired is take a breather at a historical café. I recommend Lipp Restaurant, which was formerly frequented by Picasso, or order a coffee at Café Hugo where Victor Hugo wrote his novels. To put it simply, there is a lot to do in Paris this fall, as there is every year during this season. Enjoy it.

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