Iğdır's mountains keep it from harsh weather, perfect place for sports

Iğdır's mountains keep it from harsh weather, perfect place for sports

Surrounded by mountains, Iğdır, which is located in the Eastern Anatolia - the coldest part of Turkey - has a unique climate.

The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have moderate winter temperatures and hot, humid summers, while the Anatolian hinterland has extremely cold winters and excessively hot summers. The further east you go, the more the temperature drops and from December to April, temperatures sometimes fall to around -12C while the summers are cooler than the rest of the country.

However, it this not the case for Iğdır. As it is protected by the mountains, Iğdır's climate is different from the rest of the region. Iğdır has a temperate cold semi-arid continental climate with hot and dry summers and moderate winters.

Located in Turkey's east on the border with Armenia, Iran and Nakhichevan, Iğdır hosts nature enthusiasts and athletes from different regions.

At 800 meters above sea level and surrounded by high mountains, Iğdır has suitable areas for almost all nature sports from nature walking to glacier climbing.

Mountaineers climb to many important mountains in the region, such as Tekelti, Zor and Canderviş as well as the Great and Little Ararat, while nature hikers are interested in areas such as Aras canyon, Bulakbaşı reeds, İrem vines, and Erhacı rocks.

Iğdır Youth Services and Sports Director Kasım Aydoğdu said the mountains, plains and lowlands are suitable for different nature-based sports. "Iğdır is a rich mountainous region due to Great and Little Ararat as well as many mountains located at 3,000 and 2,000 meters. Because the city is settled on a plain, it is compatible with all branches, such as cycling, hiking and horse riding," he added.

Recalling that they have carried out many other sports projects so far, Aydoğdu said Mount Ararat is a very convenient place for mountaineering, paragliding, mountain biking and nature walking, adding that it is beautiful place with an amazing view and natural wonders. "We will increase the number of these sports by both supporting our clubs and projects," he noted.

Mountaineering Federation of Turkey (TDF) Coach Cengiz Erdener underlined that a mountaineer visiting Iğdır will encounter an environment that has all the conditions required in terms of mountaineering.

"Iğdır has a very beautiful geography," he stated, noting that there are 10 mountains at more than 3,000 meters high and about 20 mountains at above 2,000 meters in addition to Mount Ararat. "Besides, the region has very long and enjoyable hiking routes. When you reach many of these peaks, you see the territories of countries such as Armenia, Nakhichevan and Iran and Turkish soil at the same time," Erdener said.

Highlighting that Iğdır's climate is very convenient for athletes, Erdener said summer conditions prevail even in winter. "Of course, there are tough conditions when you go to the mountains. When our visitors come here, they can reach more than one peak when they take Iğdır as the center," Erdener noted, suggesting that due to the climate, some of them may be in heavier winter conditions and others in simpler conditions.

"There are historical and natural beauties to visit in Iğdır. This is a safe place with lots of helpful people," he continued. "You can set up your camp very comfortably and make your activities at your convenience according to your own categorizations."

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