The ‘art of the holiday' in Bodrum

ARDA SAYINER @ardasayiner
Published 06.07.2018 22:11
Updated 06.07.2018 22:42
Avantgarde Hotel.
Avantgarde Hotel.

A favorite for the summer months, Bodrum, in southwestern Turkey's Muğla, is a holiday paradise with its vast blue sea, various accommodation alternatives, good food and night life

Making a perfect holiday experience come true is a work of art for tourism business owners. There are no limits to the number of details, trends and customized services. In this regard, Bodrum with its boutique hotels, restaurants and night clubs is, with no doubt, one of the best places to experience the "art of the holiday" in Turkey. In this popular holiday destination, the summer season has started with full speed. The famous city of the writer known as the Fisherman of Halicarnassus, has started hosting tourists from all around the world, with its white houses, blue waters and fun night life. The quality of service in the hotels is a source of happiness for tourists.

The Avantgarde Hotel in Yalıkavak is attracting attention among these hotels. Managing this brand İsmet Öztanık is a third generation member of the family, with 25 years of tourism experience. He is also the founder of the Avantgarde brand. He has intellectual formation as well as business experience. After studying political science at Koç University, he completed his master's degree in the U.K. As a reflection of his intellectual formation, examples of modern art works have been placed at the entrance of the hotel. The lobby area, stairs and corridors are decorated with works by young artists. İsmet Öztanık is also a modern art collector. Works by Burhan Doğançay, Suat Akdemir, Saba Barlas, Ardan Özmenoğlu, Ramazan Bayrakoğlu, Maide Bulak, Fatma Tülin Öztürk and Pınar Du Pre are part of his collection. Most rooms in the hotel have sea views. They have simple designs in pastel tones. The Fragonard brand has been used in the bathrooms.

The hotel beach feels as if it is your own private beach. There is the feeling of being "at home" at the hotel. Specially brought white sand, spacious cabins and the spa space just a few step ahead, make you feel as though you are in a boutique hotel. I suggest you try the reflexology massage at the spa. The pier area is perfect for sunbathing all day. There is iced cold towel service, gourmet food service and peaceful silence throughout the day. The evening is also ideal for watching the sunset. You can rent a speedboat provided by the hotel which is attached to the pier or you can swim in the deep waters of Bodrum.

At Avantgarde, lunch and dinner are served at the ACE restaurant. The tables of ACE are a feast. The love of art, felt everywhere around the hotel is also evident here. There are eye-catching works around the seaside bar area and around the authentic stone oven. The menu of the restaurant is as high quality as those of fine dining restaurants in Istanbul. Sofas with cushions, modern chairs, flowers and stylish lighting offer you summer comfort. You can sip the famous cocktails of the hotel and watch the wind turbines installed on the nearby hills. I especially loved the menu design. On the menu, there is food for every taste. The recommendation for you is lobster linguine, salmon mac and cheese and yogurt soup. The cheesecake is definitely a must try for desserts.

Children are also considered at the Avantgarde Hotel. There is the Gymy Kids Summer Club where you can safely leave your children all day. Your children are not bored at all as they attend sports and arts training throughout the day. The children are much loved at this hotel so much so that tables and chairs, designed specifically for kids, are available in the breakfast area. I loved these tables and chairs, with a fairy tale design, in pink and blue colors. Turkish and foreign teachers, with certificates of expertise, attend to the kids one on one at the club, even adults would be jealous of the care the children receive. In short, Avantgarde is an unusual hotel, with all these services. I congratulate İsmet Öztanık for his vision, attention to details and passion for the tourism sector. I recommend that you experience Avantgarde as soon as possible.

If you are looking for different restaurants and flavors in Bodrum, I have suggestions for you. The first of these is Martinez in the Türkbükü quarter. The venue that months ago opened at Akmerkez shopping center, In Istanbul, welcomes us with its summer branch in Bodrum. Distinct from the menu in Istanbul, the menu here offers light but assertive flavors suitable for summer. The sushi in Martinez is quite tasty. I especially loved the mango salmon roll. The mango avocado salad was also great. For the main dishes, Alexandria-style shrimp should be tried. As a dessert, the rock salt and chocolate souffle is great. The tiny retro lamps on the tables, the bar design and the elegance of the plates are the eye-catching details of the venue. The Happy Hour parties are full at Martinez, which offers live music and DJ performances on certain days of the week. I congratulate Uğur Karabayır and his crew.

The place you need to go for night entertainment is Hazine. Just like last year, the place in Yalıkavak district is Bodrum's favorite. The venue managed by Tayfun Topal is again very fun and very full. Brass tables, antique bar design, red stage curtain make you feel as though you are in a distinct place. The colorful lights placed in the sea create an impressive ambiance in the darkness of the night. I recommend that you make a reservation before going to Hazine, which has live music performances every evening of the week. You can also come to Hazine and have dinner before the live music starts around 11:00 p.m. I guarantee you will experience a very special evening.

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