Masjid above the clouds becomes tourist attraction in Turkey's Black Sea

Published 26.07.2018 00:00
Updated 26.07.2018 16:48
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The Kırklar Masjid, located 3,200 meters above sea level in Turkey's eastern Black Sea region, has become a tourist attraction for those who flock to the Soğanlı Mountains between Bayburt and Trabzon provinces to see the building, known for its fantastic view, disappear in thick clouds.

The masjid, which was built on a rock with dangerous cliffs, is also a popular place for those wanting to strengthen their spiritual side.

Visitors have to be willing to walk up rocky paths to reach the masjid, as cars cannot fully climb the mountains.

The building also houses bedrooms and a kitchen for those wanting to spend the night there.

The masjid's guestbook, which is full of entries from previous visitors, shows that tourists find peace at the unusual masjid, getting alienated from the stress and disturbing noise of crowded city life.

"It was an incredible view and experience. One has to see it to understand," one visitor wrote.

"This must be the most beautiful place on earth," another said.

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