Autumn colors melt into the turquoise waters of Blue Lake in Turkey's Giresun

Published 21.10.2018 21:00
Updated 21.10.2018 21:02
Autumn colors melt into the turquoise waters of Blue Lake in Turkey's Giresun

Nature parks are the best places to spend an autumn day outdoors and luckily Turkey has a lot of them.

The Blue Lake in Giresun's Kuzalan Nature Park, is a perfect getaway for those who want to spend time in nature and enjoy serenity with a splendid view.

Spread over 482 hectares, the park is blessed with waterfalls, rivers, trees, 129 different plants belonging to 60 families and 154 varying vertebrates as well as travertines. Also, the park features a mineral water spring, which is rich in iron and sulfur.

The Blue Lake has made a name for itself with its travertines, which formed thanks to the carbonated water of the lake. Once the snow of the winter melts in June, the lake turns into a turquoise heaven until the next winter.

In autumn, the nature park and the surroundings of the Blue Lake become a manifestation of all the colors of the season. The red, yellow and green of the forest melt into the turquoise of the lake, offering unique and spectacular views for visitors especially photographers.

Mesmerized by the scenic view, Mehmet Öztürk, one of the guests of the park, said he decided to drive up to the Blue Lake with his family after seeing its photos on social media.

"This place and its nature are quite different than the rest of the Black Sea region. It is worth driving hours just to see the blue of the lake and the trees shedding their leaves," he added.

For Tuğba Yıldırım on the other hand, the Blue Lake and its travertines are the main attractions.

"The blue water of the lake and the leaves that fall onto the water makes this place magical. It is like witnessing nature falling asleep. It is hard to find such serene places. This nature park is where I get peace of mind," she said.

The local government and the Nature Protection and National Parks Directorate are also creating projects to turn the Kuzalan Nature Park into a place where visitors can have the best time. Currently, a project worth TL 3 million ($530,000) is underway to build walking trails, observation terraces, bridges and a restaurant.

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