Autumnal tints make Malatya outskirts even more picturesque

Published 30.10.2018 20:01
Updated 31.10.2018 00:27
Autumnal tints make Malatya outskirts even more picturesque

Before snow covers most of Anatolia's lands, there is still a chance to experience nature's autumn beauty. If you are seeking a destination for a quiet and colorful weekend, you may want to check out Malatya's Arapgir district which attracts visitors with its untouched natural beauty and dazzling autumn colors.

Located 110 kilometers from Malatya's city center, Arapgir is like a living painting. You can see the shades of yellow and brown on trees, mountain sides standing tall, historical bridges, vineyards and purple basin fields.

The most visited place in the region is the Kayaarası Canyon, which offers a visual feast for both nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. The canyon stands out with its natural beauties as well as the historical structures that still mesmerize visitors. The region, which is the center of the Upper Euphrates Basin, has also been home to numerous civilizations with its fertile lands.

For the last few years the Malatya Photo Camp has been organized by the Association of the Art of Photography and Cinema in Malatya and Arapgir Municipality to showcase the serene beauty of the region. Thanks to the international organization, Arapgir district and the Kayaarası Canyon have become hotspots for professional and amateur photographers as well as nature lovers.Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Arapgir Mayor Haluk Cömertoğlu said: "Once people visit this place with the photo camp, they continue to come here. Also, with their reference, tourists have discovered Arapgir and its nature, making it Turkey's top natural touristic destination."

So far this year the district has welcomed over 1 million domestic and international tourists and the local government is eager to welcome more in the upcoming period and years.

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