Sakarya's campsites, nature perfect for caravan adventures

Published 02.11.2018 00:00
Sakarya's campsites, nature perfect for caravan adventures

Pursuing a caravan lifestyle is not for everyone but for some, it is a way of life and a manifestation of their choice to have no permanent roots or attachments to one place.

One group of caravan enthusiasts has decided that Sakarya is one of the best destinations for "houses on wheels" and formed the Sakarya Camp and Caravan Association a year ago.

Since their foundation, the group has organized a festival - the "Sakarya Nature Tourism and Camping Festival" - and many other seasonal events to attract caravan owners to the region, and it looks like their efforts have not been in vain.

For Ebru Yetim, the president of the association, caravans offer their owners the freedom of travel and endless possibilities while planning your vocation.

"One can plan his or her holiday without needing any reservations. Caravan tourism is also nature friendly, enabling you to return to the simple ways of nature," Yetim said.

Everywhere around the world, you can run into caravan enthusiasts camping and socializing around a campfire. Caravan owners are also known as friendly travelers, a trait that helps them stay in touch with others that have chosen the lifestyle around the globe. This warm nature also applies Sakarya's caravan lovers as they often get involved with international events.

Yetim said Sakarya is a treasure just waiting to be discovered by caravan tourism. "The sea, the mountains, plateaus, rivers, forests and stunning views are the essentials for caravan enthusiasts, and this is exactly what Sakarya offers. This is a spot experiences four seasons, so you can lose yourself in nature anytime you want."

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