Slow city of Akyaka a delight for tourists when the sun goes down

Published 06.11.2018 00:00
Slow city of Akyaka a delight for tourists when the sun goes down

Declared a slow city by the General Secretary of Cittaslow, the Akyaka neighborhood, affiliated with Muğla province's Ula district, attracts newly married couples and tourists with its perfect sunset.

The slow city, Akyaka has been seeing an increase in visitors lately due to becoming a new haunt for tourists who want to watch the sunset on the Gulf of Gökova.

Tourists who sail or paddleboard on the Kadın Azmağı Stream, a place of aquatic life, have a chance to be alone with nature in the labyrinths of reeds in the river.

In Akyaka, where the weather has not yet dipped below 20, local and foreign tourists and day-trippers discover the beauty of the region with tours organized to the region. Housing all shades of green in the spring and summer months, the region welcomes its visitors with sunset tours in autumn. Therefore, it is a yearly attraction point.

Photography lovers and holidaymakers immortalize their moments on the Kadın Azmağı Stream and the many beaches there with their cameras.

Holidaymakers can swim in Akyaka, which is 20 minutes away from Muğla, and is known for its natural beauties and the Gulf Gökova. In the evening hours, they can sit in the cafes on the beaches and watch the sunset. They can also take photos of fishermen returning homes on their boats with the perfect sunset behind them.

Many amateur fishermen also swarm the beaches before sunset to fish and enjoy watching the sun going down.

Muğla Director of Culture and Tourism Filiz Karaağaç told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Akyaka was flooded by visitors after it was given the title of slow city.

Retired police commissioner Şadi Durmaz, who organizes boat tours in Akyaka, said that they take tourists on a different journey.

Durmaz explained that the Gulf of Gökova is one of the places in Turkey where the sunrise and sunset are the best in autumn. He said the stream, which flows into the Gulf of Gökova, is a place of natural beauties and home to dozens of animal species from the sea otter to sea turtle and different plant species. Durmaz said that they take visitors sailing on boats on the stream.

Noting the stream is the symbol of Akyaka and the intensity of visitors in the summer months continue in autumn and winter, Durmaz said, "Many local tourists from Mığla and nearby cities come here for day trips. Besides, brides and grooms who want to immortalize their most special day take photos during the sunset here. The sunset is experienced differently here. Visitors enjoy it so much."

Durmaz emphasized that the water and surface of the stream are cleaned during certain periods by sailors and environmentalist teams and added that visitors really enjoy the tours which are usually for 40 minutes.

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