Ahead of winter, hot springs in Turkey offer natural remedies

AĞRI, Turkey
Published 09.11.2018 00:00
Ahead of winter, hot springs in Turkey offer natural remedies

Tourists from various regions in Turkey, especially provinces in the eastern Anatolia region, try to heal rheumatism and skin diseases at hot springs in the Diyadin district of Ağrı province ahead of the winter months.

At the hot springs, which are located eight kilometers from the district center, there is an autumn intensity before winter. Believed to be good for many illnesses, such as skin diseases and rheumatism, the 70-degree hot springs host foreign tourists and local ones living in nearby cities.

Servet Aladağ, who is from Ağrı and comes to the hot springs to heal, said that visitors also come from Istanbul and other provinces, such as Iğdır and Erzurum. Noting that the geothermal water of some hot springs is natural, Aladağ said: "We come to the hot springs in all seasons. They heal many problems, such as rheumatism, joint pains and fungal infections. The hot springs will be much better if a more modern facility is built here," he added.

Since he came from the city center of Ağrı to Diyadin to swim in the hot spring, Ali Kurt said: "The hot springs are pretty good and heal many diseases. They are good for every disease, especially rheumatism and internal diseases. I have come to swim in the hot springs for five years. People in this region know them. We want people who live in the western cities to come and see them."

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