Ayder Plateau takes on different beauty with snowfall

RİZE, Turkey
Published 10.12.2018 00:36
Updated 10.12.2018 08:00
Ayder Plateau takes on different beauty with snowfall

One of the most important tourism centers in Turkey and Rize province, the Ayder Plateau in the Çamlıhemşin district, mesmerizes with its views in winter as much as in summer.

Domestic and foreign tourists who visit Ayder, which still carries the colors of autumn and takes on a different beauty with the falling snow, make a photo safari enjoyable for having a picnic and performing horon folk dancing accompanied by a tulum, a form of bagpipe.

The plateau, which is the choice of those who want to spend a weekend holiday in a natural, green environment away from the noise of the city, welcomes hundreds of thousands of local and foreign visitors every year. Moreover, the annual 12th Snowman Festival is held in January so people can make snowmen and go sledding; starting on Jan. 26 and lasting three days, it ends with a concert on Jan. 28. The festival, which takes place at an altitude of 350 meters, is expected to be the scene of many colorful images this year, as it is every year.

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