Adrenaline junkies head to Kaçkar Mountains for heli-skiing

RİZE, Turkey
Published 23.01.2019 00:00
Adrenaline junkies head to Kaçkar Mountains for heli-skiing

If you see people jumping from helicopters and skiing all the way from the top down to the foothills don't be surprised, it is the hottest trend this winter.

The Kaçkar Mountains in the Black Sea region has been the top destination for adrenaline junkies from around the world who want to heli-ski.

Heli-skiing is basically skiers jumping from helicopters onto the steepest part of the mountain, challenging their bodies as well as their skiing skills. As it is a highly dangerous sport, only a few places are considered suitable for this adrenaline-filled skiing experience and the Kaçkar Mountains seems to be the perfect place.

Although heli-skiing has been practiced on the Kaçkar Mountains since 2005, the sport is now under the spotlight with Ayder Heliski Aviation and Tourism Company which joined forces with a Swiss company with years of experience in this dangerous sport.

Sportspeople coming from all over the world spend a week on the mountains and are accommodated in houses built on the foothills of the mountains. The sportspeople are welcomed in a group and all their food and equipment are provided by the tourism company.

Last year, Kaçkar Mountains welcomed 180 adrenaline junkies but this year this number has already doubled. Heli-ski can be practiced until the end of March.

In order to prevent any danger or accidents, there are two heli-ski tracks on the Kaçkar Mountains. The black track is for more experienced heli-skiers while the green track is for those who have just taken up this extreme sport.

However, feeling the blood pumping in your veins as fast as possible comes with a price. A week long heli-ski tour on the Kaçkar Mountains costs between 6,000 to 9,000 euros ($6,800-$10,000).

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