Family fun time: Istanbul's greenest and most adventurous parks

Published 18.05.2019 00:08
Parkorman Natural Park
Parkorman Natural Park

After a long winter and cold days, it is hard to keep children in the house. Istanbul has many destinations where you can spend time as a family while children can enjoy numerous activities during these lovely spring days

It's almost impossible to keep your children inside these days with spring starting to show its face. Shopping malls, the favorites of winter, leave their attractiveness to open areas in this period. Families have already started to think of alternative places to spend time with their children. They try to find areas in harmony with nature where children can run and have fun one by one. This week we have voluntarily identified 10 places in Istanbul where families with children can spend the best time outdoors. Here are peaceful venues where you will enjoy the green and adventure together with playgrounds, animals and plants.

Çatalca Antikköy

You can start your day here with breakfast and continue until dinner. The best part of the venue is that it has a large green area. Children, after having their breakfast, can immediately run to see peacocks, roosters, chickens, gooses, goats, sheep, ponies, horses, camels and donkeys. They can sit on the grass and spend time in the park here. There is also a small lake. While your children watch ducks, you can sip your coffee. It is a joyous venue to escape from the noise of the city and to introduce village life to your children.

Şile Macerapark

If you say, "We want to spend time in nature with the children but some adventure is also necessary," here is a perfect option for you: Macerapark (Adventure Park) This park is in Karakiraz village's İncekum resort.

The park has a beach from which you can dive into the sea. However, the real adventure starts with rope tracks, paintball, ATV safari, horse riding, archery, giant swings and survivor tracks. This adventure venue, where especially fathers and children will have fun, also provides an opportunity to eat their meals comfortably to mothers. While fathers and children climb trees, mothers will enjoy their coffee roasted on coal. If you are an adventure enthusiast mother, you will definitely have some fun.

In this park where you can spend a whole day, you can order mixed breakfast and lunch. If your child is too little for these activities, there are playgrounds for kids in the areas, where you will also see horses, camels, sheep and lambs.

Parkorman Natural Park

Parkorman is widely known as a concert or event area. However, this place is also a natural park and perfect for introducing our children to nature. There are Ottoman and Japanese gardens inside. If you want to rest with your family by escaping from the stress of daily life, you can come to this nature park in the center of the city. Parkorman also has appropriate areas for various sports including nature walks and cycling.

Kuzguncuk Orchard

Wandering around a historical town like Kuzguncuk always makes you feel better. If your children are with you, it will be much prettier. They will probably like this town, where culture, serenity and nature are together. During your visit to this town, one of the best things that you can do is to stop by Kuzguncuk Orchard. Taking a walk in this orchard, which is farmed by the public of the town, and breathing the smell of the soil are enough to make people happy. Moreover, playgrounds that have been designed for kids and special areas that will make them deal with soil wait for you here.

Sultangazi Public Forest

The Sultangazi Public Forest is a huge area. It is a perfect resort for families with its picnic area, historical aqueducts, camping area, horse farms and terrace tower.

It is possible to receive horseback training at horse farms that are put in service, especially with the promotion of the municipality, to enjoy this experience. There are parks and areas for entertaining activities, as well.

Polenezköy Natural Park

One of the venues where you will enjoy nature is Polenezköy Natural Park. This place is also one of the biggest natural parks in Istanbul. It is home to many animals from red deer to partridges, from sparrow hawks to owls. There is everything, such as picnic-camping areas, cycling, walking and running tracks.In this natural park, where you can have a peaceful time with your family while birds chirp and mingle with the children's' voices, there are many facilities where you can stay and eat. It is one of the best routes that you can go with your family.

Zoo and Botanical Park

Zoos are the places where children absolutely want to go. One of the closest zoos to Istanbul is in Darıca district. Here, you will surely make colorful memories with your family; you will see more than 3,600 animals. Besides the animals, there are more than 8,000 plants in the botanical park. There are also a restaurant, car park, baby change unit and prayer room in the zoo, where you will enjoy a fantastic time with your kids in the spring months.

Horse farms

Horseback riding is an ancestral sport in Turkey. Therefore, most of the Turkish people have a special interest in horses even if they do not ride them. Today's children are lucky as there are many horse farms in various places in the city. It is so easy to experience horseback riding in these farms. The Atlıtur Club Facilities at Gümüşdere Kilyos beach is one of them. You can have breakfast with your family there and experience horseback riding in accompany with experts. With the Pony Club, children are also brought together with horses and have remarkable, entertaining moments.

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