Alaçatı, lovely resort town on the Aegean coast

Published 15.06.2019 00:19
Located in İzmir's Çeşme district, Alaçatı is a popular destination for holiday makers.
Located in İzmir's Çeşme district, Alaçatı is a popular destination for holiday makers.

In recent years, Alaçatı has been making a name for itself among Turkey's best holiday destinations. The picturesque resort town, lying on the shores of the Aegean coast, is going for the crowns of Bodrum in Muğla and Antalya

Alaçatı has always been a favorite vacation destination in Turkey but in recent years it has made a mark. In Çeşme district of İzmir province, Alaçatı has been on my visiting list for a long time and finally a couple of days ago, I made it to this lovely town.

We arrived to Alaçatı on a Saturday morning as a guest of Radisson Hotel. Indeed, the most ideal day to visit Alaçatı must be Saturday because we managed to catch the Alaçatı Bazaar, whose fame has spread across the country. The bazaar is established once in a week on every Saturday in a very large area. It has many things. To be honest, I am not so into shopping but there were a lot of booths that drew my attention at the bazaar.

Small but cute

When we mentioned shopping, we should not forget Hacımemiş. This neighborhood, located 10 minutes away from the bazaar walking, is a total attraction center with its antique shops, local boutiques and many other stores. Moreover, it is an appropriate alternative with cute, authentic cafe and restaurants. According to the people who visited Alaçatı before, Hacımemiş has been a more frequently-preferred area recently as it is less crowded and quieter when compared to Kemalpaşa Street, another point of the holiday destination.

The rest of Hacımemiş is streets decorated with bougainvillea and many other flowers. You feel like you are walking in a theater decor or in a painting of a renowned artist. It is an emotion that makes you feel at peace and relaxed. Alaçatı is full of such streets. It is a sort of trademark of the town. It is also a favorite spot of influencers and influencer candidates for photo ops.Alaçatı is not actually a large settlement.

With its narrow streets and historical houses, Alaçatı offers a unique holiday experience.

According to the latest data, the population during the winter period is around 10,000. However, this number increases incrementally when the summer season is opened. We witnessed that the season has already started with the abundant crowds on the streets day and night.

When we talked to some craftsmen, we learned that they were in a relatively good mood but also uneasy at the same time. Tourists started to swarm Alaçatı after Ramadan fasting ended. The craftsmen are anxious about how they will satisfy the expectations of the guests.

We also need to add that the beach season is very enjoyable in Alaçatı right now. We were hesitant at first but the sea was better than we expected. It was cool and clear blue. It is possible that those who go to Alaçatı from now on will see much better beaches.

Aegean cuisine

When you visit Alaçatı, you should not return without eating kumru, which is a sandwich typically stuffed with cheese, tomatoes and sausage.

This authentic food of İzmir province is prepared so well in Alaçatı along with midye dolma (stuffed mussels). It is possible to see midye dolma sellers in every corner. Talking from experience, they all present a taste above average.

On the other hand, the Aegean cuisine is common here as expected. Olive-oil foods, various types of herbs and seafood are plenty. We met at Eflatun, one of the assertive restaurants in this region. It was so satisfactory to eat Aegean cuisine on Alaçatı tables. Therefore, we highly recommend you visit Alaçatı if you happen to be passing through İzmir.

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