Lake Dipsiz: Hidden gem of Taurus

KONYA, Turkey
Published 03.07.2019 00:15
Two youngsters fish at Lake Dipsiz, located between Konya and Antalya provinces.
Two youngsters fish at Lake Dipsiz, located between Konya and Antalya provinces.

Lake Dipsiz, which literary means " the bottomless lake" is located some 1,702 meters above sea level, between central Anatolia's Konya and the southern resort city of Antalya. The lake welcomes nature lovers and photographers from all over the world.

Fed by the nearby rivers, the lake's blue color mesmerizes its visitors. Since the lake is situated at the northern foothill of the Taurus Mountains, its water level remains the same throughout the year, making it a perfect spot for weekend getaways.

Nature lovers, especially locals from Antalya and Konya, come to the lake every weekend to fish and have a picnic. Amateur and professional photographers also gather here to capture a perfect shot of the lake and its surroundings.

Ali Kara, who came to Lake Dipsiz with his grandchild for fishing, said a lake is a favorite place for the locals, especially during summer time. He said the lake and its surrounding area offer a cooling effect in the summertime heat.

"The weather is very hot in both Konya and Antalya but this place offers us a chance to cool off. Local people here are accustomed to traveling to the highlands in the summer time. We come here in May and stay in the highlands until November. While some people prefer to go to the beaches in summer, we prefer to come here and take a dip inside the cool waters of Lake Dipsiz," said Kara.

Mustafa Harmancı from Konya said he visits the lake with his family every weekend. "I could not resist the blue waters so I dived in. Since it is called "the bottomless lake," I swim around the shore. The water is the cleanest I have ever seen. This is an incredible place. I advise nature lovers to take their time and pay a visit," he said.

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