Mount Erciyes, new hot spot for cyclist training

Published 25.09.2019 00:46

Mount Erciyes has become one of Turkey's most important centers in the sport of cycling in addition to winter sports, and is also among the favorite centers of foreign professional road cycling teams for their high-altitude training.

The highest mountain of Central Anatolia, Mount Erciyes, serves local and foreign ski lovers with its nature dusted with snow in winter and with its modern facilities, has become the training center for various sports in the summertime. With the investments made within the scope of the Erciyes Master Plan, Erciyes has become a ski resort of international standards. Interest in this place is increasing with various sport activities every year.

Kazakhstan Track National Team trainer Vlademir Bushansky told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they prefer Mount Erciyes as the spot to prepare for the Asian Championship.

Noting that they have come to Mount Erciyes four times before, Bushansky said, "Mount Erciyes has very appropriate conditions for high-altitude training camp at 2,200 meters. Athletes are gathering power here." Bushansky also added that Turkey has very appropriate conditions in terms of logistics. "The country is located in the middle of Europe and Asia and therefore it is also very favorable in terms of transportation."

Ukraine National Men Team trainer Vasily Yakovlev remarked that Erciyes has many advantages like appropriate roads and accommodation. Saying that they will also come to the mountain in the coming years, Yakovlev said that they observed positive changes in the performance of cyclists and stated that one of the athletes was the champion in the competition he entered last year at the end of their training camp on Mount Erciyes.

Ukraine Track Women National Team trainer Orest Tychko also said that they have been coming to Turkey since 2011 but they made a camp for the first time in Erciyes. Tychko explained that they love Turkey's people and food. "Besides, Erciyes has a more temperate climate compared to other high-altitude training centers in the world," the trainer added.

Mustafa Kemal Can Fedai, who is responsible for VELO Erciyes events, said that there are 13 teams from 11 countries on Mount Erciyes and they have been making camp for a month. Fedai said that Erciyes is a natural training area with its high altitude. He reported that athletes add even more to their existing strengths here.

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