Amanos Mountains are in full glory of autumn

Published 13.11.2019 17:29
The forests of the Amanos Mountains get ready for the winter months. (?HA)
The forests of the Amanos Mountains get ready for the winter months. (?HA)

Stretching from southeastern province of Kahranmaraş to Hatay, where the Asi River flows to the Mediterranean, the Amanos Mountains have been blessed with a rich biodiversity and thick forests. Visitors climbing up to the mountains feel like they have entered a fairy-tale like world that they have been reading about in books.

With the coming of autumn, the mountain and its forests have assumed the full palate of colors for the season, which is full of reds, greens, browns and yellows, mesmerizing visitors. Since month of November is relatively warmer this year, locals as well as people from all over Turkey flock to the mountains to enjoy the beguiling scenery while having a fun time outdoors with their families and friends.

Dumanlı Plateau is the most popular destination in the Amanos Mountains, especially for those who want to take the best shots for their social media feeds. Sabunlu Waterfall is another unmissable tourist attraction in the region, as it allows the visitors to take a rest from their trekking and walking. The mountains also offer various opportunities for photography as well as mountaineering and other outdoor sports.

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