Küre Mountains: A hidden gem for campers in northern Turkey

Published 10.12.2019 17:39
Updated 20.12.2019 02:18
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Turkey’s Küre Mountains, an undiscovered natural paradise stretching across northern Kastamonu and Bartın provinces, will soon welcome camping enthusiasts for an unforgettable experience in the quiet, forested lands of the Black Sea region.

Attracting visitors with its impressive system of canyons, caves and rushing water, the mountain range will house charming bungalows, camping and caravan areas to cater to the rising need for accommodation in the region.

The Kızılcasu Nature Education Center and Camping Area was built as part of the project. The campsite will be operated by the Municipality of Şenpazar and will begin welcoming guests in a few weeks.

Nature Conservation and National Parks (DMKP) Regional Director Hasan Başyiğit said the Küre Mountains were among the world’s 100 hot spots in terms of biodiversity and one of nine in Turkey. Stating that they have been working to complete the campsite project for the past three years, Başyiğit said the visitor center, nature educational center, bungalows, caravans and tent areas are now ready for use.

Pointing out that the mountains are a popular attraction for eco and nature tourism, the director said they hope this facility will increase the recognition of the region around the world and become a place frequented by nature lovers.

Küre Mountains National Park was the first protected area in Turkey and the 13th in Europe to be given Protected Area Network (PAN) Parks certification – a trademark given to well-managed protected areas where sustainable and green tourism activities are conducted.

The park, named after the mountains, is one of the 40 national parks in Turkey.

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