Slow Cities of Turkey: Eğirdir

Published 13.12.2019 15:31
Updated 20.12.2019 02:22
The town of E?irdir is located next to its namesake lake. iStock
The town of E?irdir is located next to its namesake lake. (iStock)

Do you want an authentic travel destination? Would you like to get away from the chaos of everyday life and find peace for a few days? Well friends, you are in the right place!

Every week, we cover the slow cities of Turkey which are recognized by the Italy-based Cittaslow Network inspired by the slow food movement. Cittaslow helps cities and towns, where living is good and easy, to preserve their authenticity and originality. Currently, the international Cittaslow Network spans 30 countries and territories, with 262 slow cities.

Blessed on an array of different cultures born or brought to the lands of Anatolia as well as natural beauties, Turkey does not lack slow cities. This week, we are taking you to Eğirdir, a southern town surrounding its namesake lake.

Renowned for its natural beauties in the Turkish Lakes Region, Isparta's Eğirdir is a unique blend of beautiful nature, pristine beaches, idyllic islands and vast camping areas. Eğirdir is a favorite destination for those who love weekend getaways. However, it is also a perfect stop for road trips as the region is situated near many other towns that are also built around lakes with mesmerizing views.

Apart from the picturesque view that can be seen everywhere in the town, there is not much in the town of Eğirdir that will catch your eye – but do not forget that that is the whole point! Eğirdir is just your typical small town that managed to preserve its original roots. The houses are built in traditional styles to keep heat away, the town residents continue their traditional crafts and lifestyle along with their cuisine, a perfect blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern delicacies.

Eğirdir is still one of those places in Turkey where you get a real taste of the countryside. Walking around Eğirdir means you will be drawn to the lake and its mountainous backdrop. The city offers the perfect scenery to relax and escape the heat in the summer as well as the harsh winter weather around this time of the year.

Eğirdir seems like a low-key town when you first see it but appearances may be deceiving. The town was once an important Byzantine city with a city wall and a fortress. Although only a small wall is left from the Byzantine fortress, it feels good to spend some time in a place where there is so much history. The town also features some of the finest Seljuk and Ottoman mosques and buildings.

If you visit the town during the summer, you may busy yourself with various water sports. You can take boat rides, take out a canoe or do some surfing. If you want to slow down, there is always a chance to enjoy lazy days on the beach. Do you love trekking? If so, Eğirdir can also be a candidate to be your favorite place. The town is the last – or first – stop of the St. Paul Trail which is a 500-kilometer, 27-day waymarked footpath from Antalya’s Perge, to Yalvac, near Lake Eğirdir. Winter is also a good time to visit Eğirdir for those who love outdoor sports as it is pretty close to Davraz Ski Resort.

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