Showers, northeaster thwart daily life in megacity İstanbul

Published 29.10.2010 12:40

Heavy rain and winds battering İstanbul have been adversely affecting life in the city making sea transportation almost impossible and causing delays in traffic and minor accidents.

Scattered rains, which have continued since Monday, intensified in the city Wednesday night and caused disruptions early on Thursday as many city residents made their way to work. Some of the İstanbul Ferry Lines (İDO) were cancelled because of the northeastern winds.

Moreover, the İstanbul governor's office postponed the Oct. 29 Republic Day celebrations on Vatan Street to Sunday. Celebrations will be adversely affected in other provinces, too, since the meteorology bureau warned that rain will continue on Friday and partly on Saturday throughout Turkey.

Meanwhile, İstanbul Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu attended Thursday Republic Day celebrations in Taksim Square despite the rain and wind. Many students wore heavy raincoats to shield themselves from the weather and made their way to the square for the celebration. Wreaths laid at the monument of Atatürk, the founder of the Republic, were scattered by the wind, and the ceremony was cut short due to the weather conditions.

İstanbul Governor's Disaster and Emergency Management Bureau warned citizens against flash floods that may occur due to a heavy storm on Friday. The bureau stated that all should be more careful and take precautions due to large amounts of rainfall which will require extra attention, adding that people living in flood-prone districts might have to leave their homes.

Some other areas in the country have also been negatively affected by the downpours. In Bursa, homes were flooded, especially in the areas of Hamitler, Güneştepe, İvazpaşa, Alacahırka and Muradiye. Water levels rose in the provinces of southern Manisa, and Balıkesir and Çanakkale in the Marmara region.

Flash floods triggered by heavy rainfall in September of last year wreaked havoc in northwestern Turkey, leaving at least 23 people dead and many others missing in İstanbul.

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