Istanbul snowed in, flights cancelled…

Published 09.02.2012 10:47
Updated 09.02.2012 10:55

Istanbul is embedded in one of the harshest winters of recent years, with snow disrupting the transportation flow of the metropolis once again.

What started with rain the day prior, transformed into a mixture of snow and rain throughout the day yesterday. The downpour, combined with the heavy north-east wind has disrupted traffic and therefore life in the city. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has positioned teams at critical points of traffic flow in order to assist in preventing further traffic delays. Istanbul's sea bus and ferry operators İDO has cancelled all inter city lines. With the inclusion of strong northwesterly winds, İDO was also forced to cancel yesterday morning's 7:30 am Bandırma-Yenikapı-Bostancı sea bus service.

Turkish Airlines has been forced to cancel 21 domestic flights and 41 international flights, bringing the total to 62 flights cancelled by THY alone due to the harsh weather conditions. On the THY website, passengers are warned to contact the call center or check the arrival and departure section of the airline's website prior to arriving to the airport to make sure their flights have not been cancelled. The announcement on the website also states that if a passenger's flight has been cancelled, it is in their best interest to reschedule through the call center rather than arrive to the airport."

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