PKK terrorists caught with 125 kilograms of explosives

Published 14.02.2012 12:26

The Diyarbakır Governor’s Office announced that Special Forces teams discovered 125 kilograms of explosives in a vehicle that was planned to be detonated as security forces passed by.

According to the written announcement, the terrorists abandoned the vehicle, which was parked in the Çınar district, when they saw special police force officers approaching. The announcement explained that the operation had been initiated in connection to another abandoned vehicle in the same vicinity. Meanwhile, one terrorist was killed in conflict that ensued and one terrorist was apprehended wounded. The announcement also stated that five people were detained and police recovered one Glock-brand rifle, four Kalashnikov long-barrel rifles and five hand grenades.


Upon the Istanbul Special Authority State Prosecutor's Office's order, a simultaneous operation was staged in 30 provinces throughout the country on the PKK's urban organization the KCK, resulting in 149 arrests, 46 of which were from Istanbul.

The directive for the operation was given by Special Authority State Prosecutors Bilal Bayraktar and Sadrettin Sarıkaya, who are running the investigation into the KCK. Amongst the locations raided yesterday were the general headquarters building for Ankara's Confederation of Public Labourers Unions (KESK), Health and Social Services Labourers Union (SES) and the Municipal and Local Authorities Labourers Union (TÜMBELSEN).

Diyarbakır: Dicle Haber Ajansı (DİHA) Diyarbakır correspondent İsmet Mikailoğulları as well as eight others were taken into custody.

Muş: A raid was staged in the home of the Erentepe Municipal Mayor Mehmet Yaşık. His daughter, Dilek Yaşık was arrested.

Van: Deputy Mayor Gülbahar Orhan as well as four others were detained.

Batman: Twenty-four members of the KCK's youth organization were taken into custody.

Gaziantep: Eleven members of the KCK's so-called Press Propaganda Committee were also arrested.

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