Number of foreign students on the rise

Published 22.02.2012 20:57

Minister of Education Dinçer states, “We see each and every foreign student as ambassadors of knowledge and culture that strengthen the interaction of education and culture and establish permanent bridges of fraternity and friendship that enrich Turkey’s higher education.”

At the International Youth Meeting, Minister of National Education Ömer Dinçer explained that there are approximately 26,000 international students studying in Turkey.

"Over the past ten years, we have experienced a 30 percent increase in the number of foreign students that have come to study in our country. Turkey's higher education potential is the reason behind this. I hope that over the next ten years, we will be able to achieve an increase in the numbers of students that surpasses what we experienced over the past ten years."

Minister of National Education Ömer Dinçer went on to state, "You come from friendly and brotherly countries that we have a shared history with. We have a connection that stems from hundreds of years of joint history. Therefore, the situation is seriously different from those nations that overlook the humanistic aspect of education and perceive foreign students as solely being for economic gain."

Minister Dinçer reminds that from the 1960's up until now, the Ministry of National Education has provided educational opportunities in Turkey for students from a variety of countries and explains that at present, there are a total of 10,412 students studying at 57 different universities on scholarships offered by the Turkish state. Expressing that for international students who are far from their families, obtaining an education is especially difficult, Dinçer states, "During this time, all of our personnel at every agency and institute will be there to support you and will be available in order to provide all of the opportunites offered to ensure you continue your education in as peaceful a manner as possible. Our wish is for the time you spend here gaining an education, is also the best time of your life and that you create the most meaningful memories of your youth." Drawing attention to the fact that at present, the area of education is experiencing significant advancement as in all areas at present, Minister Dinçer states that in order to succeed, innovations must be made by taking into consideration and closely following all of the nation's needs."

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