Turkey brings in heavy penalization on domestic violence cases

Published 28.02.2012 17:19
Updated 28.02.2012 17:21

A draft regarding Family Protection and the Prevention of Violence Against Women presented to Turkey’s Grand National Assembly proposes new measures against domestic violence.

The following is a list of the measures proposed:

A measure may be taken to have the individual committing the violence wear an electronic cuff or wristband.

To protect the victims of violence, and their children, they may be provided appropriate shelter and be given temporary financial support.

If the protected individual's life is in threat, then upon their request they may be taken under official protective care.

If the protected individual's life is in threat, then their identity and other information and documents may be changed.

If the individual responsible for committing violence is a civil servant required to carry a weapon, then they will hand over their weapon to their related establishment.

If an individual, who has been given a preliminary injunction, acts in a manner that goes against the requirements of the ruling, then they may be subject to arrest for a period of three to ten days, in accordance to a judge ruling.

Centers will be built to prevent and monitor violence that will operate 24 hours, seven days a week.
Television and radio stations will be obliged to broadcast at least 90 minutes of programming a month on mechanisms for preventing violence and similar policies.

If the individual who is liable for paying alimony is registered in the SGK (Social Security Institution), then the alimony may be collected from the individual's monthly salary or charge by law enforcement authorities, whether or not the protected individual has made such a request.

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