Turkey to gain global medical center: Bio Istanbul

Published 20.10.2012 16:36
Updated 20.10.2012 16:39

Istanbul will soon be gaining a mega pediatrics hospital in a 25,000 cubic meter complex, which will include biomedical, health care and pharmaceutical industry research and development.

Bio Istanbul, which will be the mark of a new era for Turkey, is expected to cost two billion dollars. The project's architecture, infrastructure and environmental plan will all be unique. When completed, the global medical center to be built in Istanbul will be of the caliber to bring Turkey the Nobel Prize in medicine. Bio Istanbul, to be built on the European part of the city at the Resneli Forest in Başakşehir, will contain a pediatrics hospital unlike any other in the region and will be Turkey's and the region's first biomedical science park.

Built on a 25,000 cubic meters squared plot, the technology and research valley that Bio Istanbul will be will allow the opportunity for leading scientists to work together to create new medical innovations in areas spanning from system biology to synthetic chemistry. This historical project, which will also serve as a regional Research and Development base for the biomedical, medical and pharmaceutical industries, will provide services for over 500 million people.

Undoubtedly, the most significant factor with Bio Istanbul is the fact that it is the region's and Turkey's first and sole Research and Development investment in the pharmaceuticals, medical technology, academia, communication technologies and health care services. Bio Istanbul, which will be drawing in some of the world's largest medical companies, will be at a much more advanced level than others of its type.


The initial stage of construction planning is complete for Bio Istanbul, which will be built in a very unique architectural style. In addition, the complex will have a special transportation infrastructure, with channels throughout the city in order to avoid traffic. While some of Turkey's most significant firms are vying for a chance to sponsor the project, IBM will be establishing the technological infrastructure. The New York-based investment firm Lyrical Partners are in charge of the project's financial operations, which will be established with a joint investment of two billion dollars by Bio City Development Co (BCDco), Turkey's Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) and the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning.

In addition to being one of the world's most state-of the-art tertiary care pediatrics hospitals with integrated research and development facilities, Bio Istanbul will also contain commercial and real estate areas. The project includes 15,000 new residences and job opportunities for 40,000 making it one of the fastest developing residential areas. With ample greenery and garden space, as well as cultural activities and ecological living standards, Bio Istanbul will be a positive contribution to city life.

One of the most important aspects of the Bio Istanbul project is that it will be the first specialized pediatrics hospital in Turkey. Not only that; with its technological infrastructure and physical equipment, this hospital is set to become one of the world's best, drawing in leading scientists from all over the world.

With its superior quality planning, sleek architecture and an infrastructure allowing for excellent comfort and sustainability, Bio Istanbul will offer opportunities for those who have not yet been able to invest in the biomedical industry in Turkey and for domestic firms that have established R&D bases in Europe. Considering that Turkey spends over 2.5 billion dollars annually on pharmaceutical imports, this project in the long term will also have a significant positive influence on the account deficit.

This is a translation of an article originally written by Mehmet Ali Berber.

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