Turkey’s public pleased with current state of affairs

Published 06.05.2013 19:16
Updated 06.05.2013 19:21

In a recent survey commissioned by the AK Party, 90.8 percent of those polled stated that they felt everyone should bear responsibility during the ongoing resolution process.

A new survey conducted by the AK Party intending to take the pulse of the public on their sentiments regarding the ongoing resolution process, has reaped pleasing results.

A vast majority of those polled; basically 90.8 percent have presented a communal consensus of support for the ongoing resolution process. Conducted by Konda, the poll consists of responses by 2,650 citizens from 30 different provinces, which were asked questions face to face.

The results were shared at both the AK Party Central Executive Board meeting as well as the Kızılcahamam Camp. The most standout findings from the study is that 90.8 percent of those questioned said that everyone should take on responsibility for the ongoing resolution process while 81.3 percent responded that they believed the resolution process is intended to make everyone happy. The following are a selection of results from this most recent survey:


* A section of the study consisted of a satisfaction index. Out of those citizens polled, 50.3 percent said that the overall living conditions have improved over the past five years. Those that said "My living conditions have improved over the past five years," were at 44.6 percent. While the number of those questioned who said, "The overall living standards in Turkey will be better in Turkey in the next five years," was at 41.6 percent, 29.1 percent said they did not agree with the statement. Those who answered that the statement was "neither true, nor false," were at 29.3 percent.

* Out of those polled, 54.8 percent said, "I am pleased by the opportunities I have as well as my livelihood," while 28.1 percent disagreed. When asked if they were pleased by the general health situation, 73.9 percent said yes. As for the statement, "In an overall assessment, Turkey's problems are decreasing," 41.8 percent said yes, while 40.1 percent disagreed. While 47.9 percent said, "There are positive developments in Turkey from a political standpoint. Turkey is on a good path," 33.4 percent disagreed.

* Citizens were also asked to comment on their economic expectations and 69.9 percent of those polled said they did not expect Turkey to experience an economic crisis in the months to come.

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