Abdullah Gül inspects Turkish missiles

Published 23.05.2013 12:59
Updated 23.05.2013 13:04

President Abdullah Gül paid a visit to Roketsan Missile Industries Inc. to inspect the latest air defense weaponry. While there, he had the honor of setting off the 1,230th test engine produced by Roketsan.

President Abdullah Gül and Presidency Secretary-General Mustafa İsen inspected the nation's latest air defense weapons systems at Roketsan Missile Industries Inc.'s Elmadağ facilities on Wednesday.

Upon his arrival, President Abdullah Gül was greeted by Defense Industry Undersecretary Murad Bayar, Roketsan Board Chairman Dr. Eyüp Kaftan and General Manager Selçuk Yaşar and signed the Book of Honor.

President Gül was briefed on Roketsan's latest developments and had the opportunity to inspect the Air Defense Missile Launch Battery, two separate Multi-Purpose Multi-Barrel Missile Launchers, the Sakarya Multi-Barrel Missile Launcher and the Yıldırım Missile Launcher on display at the factory's entrance.

President Gül toured three different facilities of the factory and pressed the button for a test ignition of the 1,230th test engine produced by Roketsan as part of an acceptance test of 122-millimeter missile rockets of which Roketsan has produced tens of thousands up until now.

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