Nine suspects released pending trial in ‘postmodern coup’ case

Published 06.09.2013 16:01
Updated 06.09.2013 16:05

As the trial into the February 28th coup continues, on Thursday Ankara’s 13th High Criminal Court ruled to release nine suspects previously detained pending trial.

Ankara's 13th High Criminal Court ruled on Thursday to release nine suspects previously detained pending trial in the historical February 28th military intervention popularly deemed the "postmodern coup". Former Higher Education Board President Kemal Gürüz was amongst the nine suspects released due to their age and current medical conditions. The released suspects will be subjected to judicial control and travel bans. In addition to Gürüz, the suspects released are Hakkı Kılıç, İzzettin İyigün, Çetin Saner, Hikmet Köksal, Ahmet Çörekçi, Kamuran Orhon, Abdullah Kılıçarslan ve İlhan Kılınç. Meanwhile the court ruled in favor of maintaining the detentions of 27 other suspects including Çevik Bir.

The February 28th coup refers to the military intervention that forced late Necmettin Erbakan to resign as prime minister. In 2012, the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation into the coup. The office prepared a 1,300-page indictment that was accepted by the Ankara 13th High Criminal Court. A total of 103 suspects, including former Chief of General Staff Ismail Hakki Karadayi, will be asked to defend themselves on accusations of "overthrowing the Turkish government by force."

SABAH and Agencies

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