Turkey's electricity usage reaches highest level of 2014

Published 04.07.2014 12:31
Turkey's electricity usage reaches highest level of 2014

Turkey's electricity consumption reached the highest level in 2014 due to temperature rise, according to official data from the state-owned electricity company.

Turkey used 783,000 megawatt hours on June 27, according to data released by Turkey's electricity transmission company.

Electricity consumption rose due to increased agricultural irrigation, usage of air conditioners and rising industrial productions.

The lowest consumption of the year was on March 30, when usage was 561,000 megawatt hours.

Turkey is ranked first in Europe and second in the world after China in terms of electricity demand increase, according Turkey's energy ministry. The ministry estimates that Turkey will double its demand for electricity by 2023, with 500 million megawatt hours. Turkey consumed 245 million megawatt hours in 2013.

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