Reward for Bonzai cache increased

Published 14.07.2014 00:16
Reward for Bonzai cache increased

A reward paid to informants who facilitate the seizure of a bonzai hoard and the arrest of its owner has increased as part of efforts to stamp out the use of the drug seen as a major addiction threat to youth

The government has increased the reward that will be paid for informants who tip the police about bonzai sellers. The reward for catching 1 kilogram of bonzai will increase from TL 1,154 to TL 4,640. The government has also decided to establish a reward system for those who tip-off the police about smuggled cigarettes and alcohol.

According to the law, rewards are paid both to the informant and the officer who seizes the drug. Half of the reward is paid when the owner of the drug is arrested, with the rest paid within three months of the culprit's prosecution. According to the amendment, the informant and the officer will be paid TL 2,310 each. Rewards for a liquid heroin catch is TL 13,860, with cocaine, liquid marijuana and bonzai TL 4,620, powdered marijuana TL 1,154. According to the amendment, if the drug or other banned substances is seized but not the owner, the officer and the informant will receive one-fifth of the reward.

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