Turkey's well-known Jewish business power couple viciously murdered

Turkey's well-known Jewish business power couple viciously murdered

An Uzbek couple has been arrested for the murders of a renowned Turkish Jewish businessman and his wife in Istanbul.

The two suspects, caretakers of the former businessman's house, Farkhodjon (28) and Gulbakhar Y. (27) were arrested Saturday evening after being presented to a judge, a judiciary official said.

Police found the lifeless bodies of Jak Karako, 77, and his wife Georgia Karako, 69, with multiple stab wounds at the couple's home on Friday.

Police had been called there after the son, Izzet Karako, had indicated that he was unable to reach his parents.

The reason for the murders is not clear but police believe the suspects killed the Jewish couple because of a dispute over wages.

Footage from police security cameras shows the Uzbek couple leaving the home of Jak Karako late Thursday evening with seven bags of luggage, suspected by police of containing valuable items.

A third suspect is apparently still at large but police have given no further details about him or her.

Karako is one of the co-founders, with Moiz Dana, of the well-known yarn brand Oren Bayan. Both Jak Karako and Moiz Dana - who has since passed away - left the company to their respective sons in the nineties. However, due to the financial problems, the families later sold the company to Altin Basak, another famous yarn brand in Turkey.

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