Dictionary marks milestone in Pakistani-Turkish relations

Published 04.06.2015 19:04

A new dictionary seeks to cement deep-rooted ties between Turkey and Pakistan. The Turkish-Urdu dictionary is the first of its kind to offer translations in both languages in one dictionary.

The book, jointly written by Pakistani and Turkish linguistics experts, was released by Turkey's state-run Linguistic Society (TDK).

The Pakistani embassy in Ankara, Ankara University, whose academics penned the dictionary, and the TDK, hosted an inauguration event to promote the dictionary.

Pakistani Ambassador to Turkey Sohail Mahmood said it was a "great step to strengthening cultural relations between Pakistan and Turkey." He said they "appreciated the TDK's efforts to bring the literature and language of both countries closer."

Professor Celal Soydan, the Turkish compiler of the dictionary, said the Urdu language had Turkish roots and was "a legacy of Turks from the Indian subcontinent," noting that Turks largely influenced India culturally and politically in the past. Mentioning shared words in Urdu and Turkish, Soydan said Turkey needs further research on this language and culture "since we share roots and traditions."

Professor Ahmet Bahtiyar Eşref, the Pakistani author of the dictionary, said it was "his most important work to date" among the over 20 books he penned.

TDK President Mustafa Kaçalin said the dictionary would be useful for researchers of both languages and students studying Urdu and Turkish languages. He said the dictionary did not contain merely the meanings of words but also idioms, expressions and proverbs.

Turkey and Pakistan have a joint working group on culture as part of the High Level Strategic Cooperation Council established by the two countries. They plan to establish cultural centers in Pakistan and Turkey to promote their respective cultures.

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