Coin saves Turkish man’s life, stops bullet from wounding him

Published 05.06.2015 14:06
Updated 05.06.2015 14:08

A Turkish man had a near-death experience on Thursday when one of the bullets fired at him –following a restaurant fight– hit a coin in his pocket and saved his life, which could otherwise have targeted his aorta, according to Turkish media outlets.

Two Turkish men got into a fight over the claim that one gave the other a "dirty" look in the western Turkish city of İzmir. The tension between the two men escalated quickly, which resulted in one pulling his gun at the other.

The assailant who fired a shot at Şahin Ç. reportedly escaped the scene of the incident, but was later caught by the police. Şahin Ç. avoided any substantial injury thanks to the miraculous incident where the fired bullet hit a coin (the probability of which is probably very low) instead of anywhere else on his body.

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