Release of man who tortured daughter draws ire

Published 05.06.2015 23:11

Public outrage poured out on social media after a man accused of torturing his daughter was released pending trial by a court.

The incident in Istanbul's Kağıthane district was revealed by a lawyer who went online to disclose how the unidentified suspect was released despite evidence of torturing his 13-year-old daughter.

The man, a drug addict, beat up his daughter, forced her to eat cigarette butts and hit her with an iron rod repeatedly. The lawyer released photos showing evidence of torture on the girl's body. The suspect, charged with injury, torture and attempted murder, was released by a judge, much to the chagrin of the public, which took to social media websites to vent their fury and called on authorities to protect the young girl.

Minister of Family and Social Policies Ayşenur İslam announced on Friday that her ministry filed an objection to the court over the release of the suspect. İslam said the girl, her mother and bed-ridden grandfather living together with the suspect were moved to another house by the ministry and the girl would remain in the custody of social services.

The judiciary faces criticism for releasing suspects in such crimes, preferring trial without imprisonment as well as reduction of sentences for men who are violent toward women.

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