Georgian border becomes a maze

ARTVIN, Turkey
Published 28.06.2015 22:16
Updated 28.06.2015 22:46
Georgian border becomes a maze

Authorities have introduced maze-like rows at the Sarp border gate on the Turkish side of the border with Georgia to prevent long lines in front of passport control.

The number of people passing through the gate has seen a sharp rise since the two countries signed an agreement allowing citizens of the two countries to enter without a passport. Thousands of Georgian and Turkish citizens make the journey every day, local officials said, and added that they had introduced the 11 lines of walking rows to address the crowding problem.

Those who want to walk to the other side now need to go through 77 meters of steel barriers set up along 11 rows. Hasan Bayraktar, who is a regular traveler to Georgia, said the rows were an incredible development. "Some people may find it a bit bothersome, but it prevents chaos. It is a bit hard when it is raining though," he said.

Bayraktar said the congestion at the gate was worse during summer months. "The elderly are having a hard time. Those who are on a diet should come here. This course is great."

Another regular traveler Özal Vahiç said walking through the rows is akin to playing a computer game. "People are walking through this maze. Every day something happens."

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