German media: Gala winger kicked woman

Published 04.11.2015 22:32

Galatasaray's German winger Kevin Grosskreutz is facing assault charges in Germany for allegedly kicking a woman last week.

Germany's Bild reported that the former Borussia Dortmund player kicked a woman in the stomach in an altercation in Dortmund. News reports say the victim was engaged in a quarrel with his mother Pia and the footballer intervened, by kicking her. Grosskreutz's mother was also accused of pulling the hair of the woman. The unidentified victim filed a complaint against Grosskreutz but later retracted her complaint.

Grosskreutz was at the center of a scandal not of his making earlier this year during his transfer to Galatasaray.

His transfer in September was partially blocked as the international football body FIFA was not informed in time before the transfer deadline.

The German winger had traveled to Turkey anyway and joined training sessions with the club though he would not be eligible to play for most of the season. He can only play in friendly matches. Uğur Yıldız, the Galatasaray official blamed for the glitch, resigned from his post.

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