Turkish military clears PKK bases in southeastern Hakkari, kills 119 terrorists

Published 06.11.2015 00:00
Updated 06.11.2015 16:06

Turkish military has successfully cleared terrorist PKK's bases in the mountains located in southeastern Hakkari province in continuous operations which took place over 40 days, and has killed 119 terrorists.

According to reports, the operations targeted Buzul Mountain, İkiyaka Mountains and the Doski Valley, where PKK militants have positioned themselves with the goal to declare independence in the past two years during the reconciliation process.

The Turkish military used anti-aircrafts to destroy PKK positions, which were critical for the PKK terrorists as they serve as a main passage point for terrorists travelling from Iraq to Turkey.

Around 6,000 troops have participated in the operation conducted in İkiyaka Mountains (also known as Samdi Dağ) near the village of Dağlıca and a military outpost in the district of Yüksekova, an uninhabited area serving as a main passage point for terrorists travelling from Iraq to Turkey.

Turkish troops have been continuing their operations in the district of Yüksekova since the September 7 terror attack near the Dağlıca Military Outpost that killed 17 soldiers. Two commando brigades and 20 Special Forces battalions cleared most of the area and encircled terrorists in İkiyaka Mountains. Reports indicate that 90 percent of the area has been cleared of terrorists.

Located between the Dağlıca and Aktütün military outposts, the İkiyaka Mountains do not allow a permanent military installation to be founded due to its problematic geography; it has an elevation of more than 3,000 meters and harsh weather conditions.

Therefore, PKK terrorists use this 'non-permanently' guarded mountainous strip along the border as their main route from their bases in northern Iraq into Turkey, and they also conduct attacks to nearby military outposts from the area.

In 2015, aside from the attack on September 7, the Dağlıca Military Outpost was twice targeted by the PKK in August 14 and October 17, leaving three and four soldiers dead respectively, along with numerous clashes involving harassing fires

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