Turkey detains 7 foreign nationals for alleged attempt to join ISIS

Published 07.11.2015 11:54
Updated 07.11.2015 14:56
emAA photo/em
AA photo

Turkish police detained on Saturday seven foreign nationals in the southern province of Adana for alleged attempt to join ISIS in Syria.

Two of the suspects were reported to be a French couple of Tunisian descent, whereas the others were reportedly from Indonesia. Among the seven suspects, there were reportedly two children, one of whom was disabled.

The suspects were reportedly staying at a hotel before the police have conducted an operation to track them.

The detainees were later transported to the Immigration Office for deportation.

Turkey shares an 800-kilometer long border with Syria and Turkish officials have repeatedly said that they are cooperating with other countries to stop the flow of foreign fighters into its volatile neighboring countries.

Thousands of foreign fighters from all over the world are believed to have joined terrorist organizations, including ISIS, in Syria and Iraq.

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