Actress Serra Yilmaz belittles being ‘Turkish’ in Anthony Bourdain’s show

Published 09.11.2015 00:00
Updated 09.11.2015 16:51
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Serra Yilmaz, a Turkish actress, has drawn criticism amid her statement, "I am Turkish but this is not my fault," during a recent appearance on CNN International's world famous show 'Parts Unknown' hosted by Anthony Bourdain.

"What does it mean to be Turkish?" Bourdain asked, but Yilmaz did not immediately reply, as she was chewing her food, and another man sitting beside Yilmaz supported Bourdain's questions asking, "Serra, are you Turkish?" Upon finishing her bite, Yilmaz replied, "Yes, but it is not my fault."

Yilmaz's answer was not received well by Turks living abroad, leading to heated debates on social media.

The actress responded to the criticism on her twitter account saying that her jokes were not received well.

Bourdain is a chef who travels to different countries to discover different food and cultures in lesser-known places. His recent show in Istanbul was the second time he covered Turkey in his program.

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