Jobs to help Turkey's recovering drug addicts

Published 13.11.2015 00:06

A Turkish temperance movement and a state-run employment agency signed an agreement yesterday to help recovering drug addicts find jobs.

The agreement between the Green Crescent (Yeşilay) and the Turkish Labor Agency (İŞKUR) stipulates employment consultation for addicts and their training for basic jobs.

Former addicts applying to consultation centers set up by Yeşilay will be directed to jobs suited to their skills with the help of job advisors.

Yeşilay Vice President M. Akif Seylan said the project would help the social integration of people quitting drug addiction. "The consultation centers will also offer psychiatric support for former addicts," he said.

İŞKUR Director Nusret Yazıcı said "disadvantaged" youth are often afraid of not finding employment despite beating their addiction. "This agreement will be a ray of hope for them," he said.

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